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How Do I Learn The C Language?

I want to learn how to learn the C language, and how to begin programming, i would like to here about any free online tutorials or any books that are available.

How Do I Learn The C Language?

Reply:take an online course;)
Reply:dont waste your time on e-book .. just purchase C in 21 days .. and it will be the 21 dayz game .. rest is up to you
Reply:Buy the C programming book of McGraw-Hill publication,its gr8 dude u can be a master in C
Reply:Reading alot, or watching stuff on it. Then, from there after learning the syntax list, it's easy. Just apply what you know.
Reply:as one of our frenz said if ur entirely new to programming try go and books like

let us c by yashwant kanetkar --- a gr8 book

What is the necessity of pointers in C language explicitly or implicitly?

interview question asked in infosys and can't we have C language without the pointers??

What is the necessity of pointers in C language explicitly or implicitly?
Pointers are needed for:

Reference parameters in functions (call by reference)

For functions with variable arguments (like printf)

Dynamic data structures (like trees, lists and dynamically allocated arrays)

As function pointers (callbacks) used mainly in libraries for code reuse (see qsort function)

For system programing (low level I/O).

Without pointers C would be something like the primitive basics used in home computers.

There are alternatives to pointers called references, but those are only used in modern langauges like C# or Java.
Reply:Possibility of both are exist because you can create reference of pointer as void (pointer i.e., void *) then explicitly give the address of any type...

in contrast of implicitly you can create any type data pointer and which will hold the address of related type...

so it depends on your need. I hope it will help full for you.

if any question in more precise way..



How can i hang a system with c language?

how can i hang a system with c language

How can i hang a system with c language?
Why? Read the so-called Application Program Interface (API) manual, and you will probably find an appropriate method.

Good luck and Happy Computing!
Reply:you can't - unless the system allows you to do it, or is buggy.

Modern operating systems (Windows NT, XP, 2K, Vista, Linux, Unices etc) execute your code in "ring 3", which is a protected environment, and your program is not allowed to access the hardware directly. Ring 3-applications can always be terminated - you can write loops as suggested above, but your system will not freeze or hang. It might become a bit slow, though.

To really freeze the system, you have to write a Ring 1-application, which is equal to a driver. A driver can easily freeze the system or create a bluescreen. A normal application can not.
Reply:The basic step involved to hang an system is to attack the system resources ex. cpu, memory. Or attack any of the core running services. Also, depends upon what kind of privilege you have on the system.

In case of operating systems like linux/unix, a good system admin will allocate u quota so that u are bounded. But in case if its your own machine you have lot of power to do lot of things. You can even write a messy kernel module but beware before jumping.

// this snippet would make the system run out of resources by

// creating child's

while (1) {


Reply:Very easily, just write poor code, but if you are aiming this for someone else's machine, you make yourself liable for the cost of any data loss caused by the lock up.
Reply:Execute at your own risk,



unsigned int i;

for (i = 1; i %26gt; 0; i++)

{ loop code }


What is the code for the program C Language?

I've been looking for a code for the program to run, the program is called C Language, and it is our project to discover its code,

What is the code for the program C Language?
It's in this book:

Reply:C as a programming language has been around for quite some time. The lastest version of this language is called "C++". It is a professional grade/business grade development language. Many many business software programs are/were written in this language. You can find tons of reference material on this programming language at Borders or Barns %26amp; Noble, and also your local public library.
Reply:There are plenty of online courses, indeed, a quick online search finds reasonable courses in C programming.

These courses contain examples, so try them out!

What is the right book to study c language?

books from india to learn c language

What is the right book to study c language?
let us c----by yashwant kanetkar

What is the code for the program C Language?

I've been looking for a code for the program to run, the program is called C Language, and it is our project to discover its code,

What is the code for the program C Language?
Well you should be asking how to create the C language? If you have worked in the C language, it is not just the IDE you see. There are libraries and other files you have to take care of - most importantly the compiler.

As you know the compiler should be able to do two things. First, verify the code and syntax. This includes checking if all variables have been declared and stuff, and finally give out proper error messages. Secondly, it should convert all the source code to assembly language.

The IDE is just one part. It somehow combines all these operations into one task. You can design your own IDE; make it the way you want, but it requires knowledge about how to communicate with the components and capture their outputs, and finally present them?

I've told you everything except designing the compiler. If you want to design the compiler you should know the assembly language. The exact info that goes into building the compiler is a mystery to me though. I am not a computer engineer myself, but nevertheless computers interest me. What I would suggest is try out the wikipedia link related to the C language; and then post questions in forums and try to obtain the expected services required by a compiler. This should give you some idea. But I don't know where to start you off on that one.

Once you find the requirements designing the compiler won't be a problem for you. But I must warn you about licences. In spite of C being an old language, I don't know if anyone tried coming out with their own versions. I mean to say is I don't know if anyone tried to design the exact same thing. It could violate some licences. So be careful.
Reply:The C Language is a programming language that uses a compiler to convert the source into an object file that can be linked into an executable. It not a program in itself.... there are however compiler programs that implement this programming language, such as Microsoft Visual C++, Borland C++, and Digital Mars C++ (C++ being the main descendant of the C language and contains object oriented programming language extensions).

Thus your question makes little sense unless you trying to develop your own compiler. Another aspect of a C/C++ implementation is the libraries it uses, this is where the code used to build applications are stored. The C/C++ compiler creates a object file that links and connects data structures to code contained in the libraries. The final linking process (in simple terms but is really more complicated) combines the object code and routines in the libraries into a application that is to run on a particular computing platform.
Reply:C is a complete programming language sequel of B and BCPL language (probably) .

It is written in assembly for more information catch the developer of the language

Dennis M. Ritchie.. find it on search engine..
Reply:C Language is not a program. It is a programming language, which you can use to write programs.

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Can you tell me a good IDE for programming in the C language?

I need to program in the C language, NOT C++. It's for something like putting code in some chips... something for putting C code in some hardware, this is why I need it.

Now I'm at the beginning, so don't know much... the programmer I talked to, said they need a program... and first I need to write some code in C...

What IDE to use, since the last one I used was Borland C 3.1...? I want to use one for Windows.

Also, tell me where to download it from?

Can you tell me a good IDE for programming in the C language?
The only one I've used is the Pelles C IDE; it's free to download and decent to work with; probably some of the paid ones offer more support, but this will get it done...
Reply:Microsoft makes the Visual Studio 2005 Express version available as a free download.